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Wildlife intrusions are a common problem for homeowners, especially in attics.

These spaces can provide warmth and shelter for various animals. While it may initially seem harmless, having wildlife in your attic can lead to several issues. As a homeowner, it's essential to address these intrusions quickly and effectively.

At Essential Wild Life Control, we understand the importance of providing quality and reliable services. We are committed to helping homeowners solve their wildlife problems with our services. We ensure the safety and well-being of animals and property owners.


The Importance of Professional Wildlife Removal Services

Dealing with wildlife in your attic is not just a nuisance but a potential hazard. It requires prompt and professional attention. These animals cause noise and damage and pose significant health risks. This is why addressing wildlife intrusions as soon as they are discovered is crucial. Taking prompt action prevents further damage and safeguards your family's health.

At Essential Wild Life Control, we provide expert, humane wildlife removal services designed to address the problem at its source. Our approach ensures that wildlife is removed effectively. By choosing professional services, you choose a solution that delivers long-term peace of mind.

Our Humane Approach to Wildlife Removal

Essential Wild Life Control is committed to humane wildlife removal methods. We prioritize the safety and well-being of animals and property owners. This ensures that our practices are ethical and respectful.

Non-Lethal Traps and Techniques: We employ humane traps and exclusion methods to capture and relocate wildlife without causing harm.
Safe Release of Animals: Once trapped, animals are safely relocated to their natural habitats, away from human dwellings.
Respect for Wildlife: We follow all applicable laws and regulations to ensure our practices are environmentally responsible.

Our Wildlife Removal Process

Our wildlife removal process is thorough and tailored to address the unique challenges posed by different species. Here's a glimpse into our approach:

Initial Inspection and Assessment: 

Our experts comprehensively evaluate your property to identify the species, entry points, and extent of the infestation.

Customized Removal Plan: 

We develop a removal strategy specific to the wildlife found in your attic. We emphasize humane methods and the safety of all parties involved.

Humane Trapping and Removal: 

Utilizing the latest humane trapping technology, we safely capture and remove the animals from your property.

Relocation and Safe Release: 

Animals are relocated to suitable habitats far from human dwellings, ensuring their well-being and reducing the chance of re-entry.

Sealing Entry Points and Repairing Damage: 

We identify and seal all potential entry points. This prevents future intrusions and repairs any damage caused by wildlife.

We Offer Post-Removal Services

Our job doesn't end with the removal of wildlife. We offer comprehensive post-removal services to ensure your home remains secure and wildlife-free. This includes repairing entry points to prevent future intrusions. We also offer attic cleanup and insulation restoration services to address any mess or damage left behind. 

Our goal is to restore your attic to its pre-invasion state, providing you with peace of mind and a secure living environment.

Our Service Areas and Availability

We proudly serve Fairfield and New Haven Counties, offering prompt and reliable wildlife control services. Our team is available to respond to service requests quickly. We ensure that you receive the help you need when you need it most.

Why Partner With Essential Wild Life Control?

Choosing Essential Wild Life Control means opting for a partner who values your safety, property, and wildlife's welfare. Here are just a few reasons why our services stand out:

Experience and Expertise: 

Our team has years of wildlife control experience and the knowledge and skills necessary to address any situation.

Humane Methods: 

Our humane approach to wildlife removal prioritizes animals' and homeowners' safety and well-being.

Customer Satisfaction: 

We are dedicated to providing excellent service and achieving complete customer satisfaction with every job.

Long-Term Solutions: 

Our comprehensive services offer immediate relief and long-term strategies to keep your home wildlife-free.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

If you're experiencing wildlife issues in your attic, don't wait for the problem to escalate. Contact Essential Wild Life Control today to schedule a consultation or service. You can reach us by phone or email to get an estimate. We're here to provide the professional, humane wildlife control solutions you need. 

Justin Guyot
Justin Guyot
Amazing. Friday night and everyone told me they couldn’t do it. Matt came right out and got a squirrel out of our apartment that fell in throw the chimney. He saved our Friday night. I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Matt!!!!
tanny harp
tanny harp
Matt was amazing came very fast helped me with a huge rat that was in the engine and helped my brother clean the mess amazing amazing Definitely saving his number
Rick Abraham
Rick Abraham
Once you meet Matt you will understand that any job is well within skills. Professional, and punctual.
Richard Mills
Richard Mills
Highly recommend Matt, great service, quick response and he took care of the problem quickly for us.
John Pinto
John Pinto
Matt is the consummate professional. He is knowledgeable, efficient and communicative. He takes a genuine interest in the issue at hand and takes the appropriate measures to insure a humane and respectful way to get the job done.
Melissa Mills
Melissa Mills
Matt was great, super knowledgeable and cleared up our mice troubles right away!! Would highly recommend his service!
Luisa DAllacco
Luisa DAllacco
Matt responded quickly and was able to clear our attic of mice. Found how they were getting in and rectified the problem. We highly recommend him!
Rina Britell
Rina Britell
Matt responded quickly and was very professional. He was able to capture squirrels in our attic and seal up the hole. I highly recommend him!

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